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Thanksgiving and Being Grateful

Thanksgiving is in the US is tomorrow, in Canada it is in October, and I just came across an interesting article on the Chief Joseph Newsletter site. He talks about being grateful for what we have and taking care of ourselves first.
This month this seems to be a reoccurring theme. At the EFT Level 2 workshop earlier this month we had a big discussion about being selfish and that the word has such negative connotations, even if we don't mean it to be. We could not come up with another word that would convey what we wanted. But we all agreed that the best analogy was the safety demonstration in an airplane that tells parents to strap on the oxygen mask first before helping their children. Yes, taking care of ourselves first makes sure that we are in top shape to help others and is not selfish.
The same goes for gratitude. Appreciating what we have, rather than griping about what is lacking is the way to go. What we focus upon is what we attract and by showing gratitude for what we h…

Will Smith Inspires

I haven't gotten around to posting for some time. Too much happening all at once. So I dug through my list of emails I send myself with interesting information to put on my blog and this is the one I picked.
I was so pleased when I came across this video with a compilation of different interviews of Will Smith that show his world view. He's right up my alley.

Do We Really Discover New Things?

Sometimes I wonder if we really discover new things, or if the information has been around all along and is just being rediscovered. I once read that we don't learn new things, it is just that we remember what we knew all along. I am not sure, but am open to the idea.
What brought on this train of thought? Well, recently with all the talk about the Law of Attraction and the movie the Secret, I came across talk about Napoleon Hill and his book "Think and Grow Rich". Considering that he was of my grandmother's generation and his book is as accurate today as it was when he wrote it, one really has to think.
That brings us right to the point that thoughts become things. What we focus our attention on we attract. Here is the bio of Napoleon Hill from Wikipedia.
I vaguely remember downloading the book "Think and Grow Rich" ages ago. Not sure if it is still on my computer. At that time I did not get it, it was just to foreign a way of thinking for me, but that was t…