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June Bugs Are Now May Bugs

It is official, June bugs are now also May bugs in Canada. Last night they appeared and flew into my bathroom window.  They are attracted to the light. Last year I was wondering if they are turning into May bugs in Canada and now I know it is true. In Switzerland the same bugs are called May bug, because they come out in May.

Searching for some new pictures of May bugs, I came across chocolate May bugs. I had totally forgotten about them. I also came across a blog post called "Swiss are still weird" about chocolate May bugs.

The First Ducklings of the Year

On Friday's walk around Oat Hill Lake we came across the first ducklings of the season. That's why I always take my camera along on my walks. The ducklings must be very new as they still have yellow in their plumage from the egg.

Found Another Piece of My Dyslexia Puzzle

Talking to my mom yesterday I discovered another piece of my dyslexia puzzle. She casually mentioned that she was watching the election of Mister Switzerland and that last year's winner said that his biggest problem was spelling and that many men then wrote in and said that they had the same problem. I wonder if boys have a different learning style regarding spelling than girls? Is the teaching style geared towards girls and not boys?

Well, that brought our conversation to me and learning to read in Grade 1. My mom explained that in 1960 I was taught the whole word method and not sounding out the words. I vividly remember telling the teacher that reading sucks and that I was never going to learn to read and would not take my homework, a box with words to make sentences, home. What was the teacher to do? She found an older neighbour's girl and asked her to bring my homework home for me and tell my mom. According to my mom is jumbled the letters b and d and everybody assumed tha…