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Dancing CDs Do Keep the Birds Away!

I had to grow some grass, but was not quite sure how to keep the birds away. Then a neighbour suggested, why don't you put CDs up? So I gave it a try.

I marked the perimeter of the area to be seed with bamboo sticks about 3 feet apart and then strung string wrapped around each stick and finally added CDs between the sticks.

Now it looks like I have dancing CDs in the garden. All the neighbours stop and wonder what it was for. And the CDs do keep the birds away. I have the birds all over my garden, but not in the freshly seeded area.

Nothing happened for quite some time, but after about 2 weeks the first new grass shoots started to appear.

So I can highly recommend this way of growing grass.

Let me know if you have tried this before and what your experience was.