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What a Delightful Morning

It is the end of November and a glorious morning. At 9 am the temperature is around 0°C, no wind and sunny. I just had to go for a walk around Oat Hill Lake. As usual, I took my camera with me in case there was something that would grab my attention. And something did grab my attention. On the western side of the lake there was a small area where dead reeds were sticking out of the water where the water was frozen. I bent down low and tried to capture the ice with the open water.

As I continued walking on the grass, I realized that the ground was frozen and it felt different walking on it than earlier in the year.

Once I made it home, I shrank the photo for the web and then tried my newly discovered Pixel Bender Oil Paint filter in Photoshop.

I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.