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Pacing Yourself

How many times have we rushed only to find that we are moving slower not faster? This morning I came across this subject when I randomly picked a page in my inspiration book called "Creative Sparks" by Jim Krause. The page I picked said this:
Sometimes it's way faster to go a little slower
I remember trying to catch a bus and walking really fast only to realize that all I did was tire myself and did not really move much faster. Then when I relaxed and just focused on getting there in time I moved more smoothly and even faster.
What I learned is that we are our own worst enemy. Rather than blaming outside circumstances, we should be blaming ourself and instead learn to relax and just go with the flow. As I always say it's the little things that make life special, it's the icing on the cake that makes the cake special.
Have a wonderful week.

Do You Know What Your First and Last Names Mean?

Today I came across this link in my RSS feeds from the Make Use Of website. It all had to do with First and Last Names. So after some playing around with our family's names I decided that it would make a great blog post.
The following info is from these two website: Family Name HistoryBehind the Name
My Maiden Name: Moser South German: topographic name for someone who lived near a peat bog, Middle High German mos, or a habitational name from a place named with this word.North German (Möser): metonymic occupational name for a vegetable grower or seller, from an agent noun based on Middle Low German mo-s ‘vegetable’My Married Name: Cohen Jewish: from Hebrew kohen ‘priest’. Priests are traditionally regarded as members of a hereditary caste descended from Aaron, brother of Moses. See also Kaplan.My First Name: Marlies Gertrud I had a hard time finding any English info as my name is Dutch, German or Swiss Dutch sequence of Maria and Elisabeth. Means 'Star of the ocean' (Latin) or …

What Typeface Are You?

Today is 011110, a binary computer number day and I just discovered a post which for a fontoholic like me is right on target. This is 'the typeface personality quiz' is perfect for a font geek like me. I love collecting fonts and using them.
To take the quiz: enter your first and last name and the password 'character' and off you go answering four questions.
My answers were: emotional, assertive, progressive and relaxed and my typeface is: Cooper Black Italic.

What do I do with all my fonts, you might ask? Well, I combine love of collecting fonts with my love of collecting quotes and combine them into 'fontplays'.
Here is a link to my latest fontplays and here to older ones like the one below.