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Feeling Lonely Surrounded by People?

This video explains quite nicely how you can feel lonely surrounded by people and why.

I would like to hear from you and look forward to reading your comments.

Take Control Back From Your Subconscious Mind

Do you know that your subconscious mind runs your life? It is time to take control back.

“It is not a disruption in your energy system but a creation of the mind. It's about subconscious imprints stored within the brain, accumulated from birth, emotional conditioning that built perception and the body gives it reality. You are a creator,
this physical reaction is an expression of the your inner world.”                                                            ~Robert G. Smith creator of FasterEFT
This post is based on a two part article I found here called "Toxic Thinking Patterns"
Part 1Part 2 The subconscious mind does no original thinking. It is the "operating system" in charge of all autonomic processes of the body. If you would have to tell your body to pump the blood, breathe and digest, you would have no time for all the other things. The more you repeat an action or respond in a certain way, the faster your subconscious takes it over and in the future …