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June 2009 Wallpaper

I took this photo in May at Oat Hill Lake, Dartmouth, NS. I only realized once I looked at the photo on my computer that it was a very pink picture. It turns out that the new vegetation combined with the sun light created this very pink landscape and very unusual scene.
Wallpaper with Calendar1024 x 768 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1920 x 1200 pixelsWallpaper without Calendar1024 x 768 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1920 x 1200 pixels

It Is Important to Change Perspectives Sometimes

I try to take one photo a day and sometimes it is quite difficult to come with a new picture and other times it is very natural. Now looking back at a couple of bird pictures I realize that they are teaching me a lesson on perspective.

I was so pleased to finally get that shot of the osprey hovering over the lake looking for his prey. His perspective is from high up. This is gives him a great overview and with his sharp eyesight he can also zoom in on the details when needed.

The picture of the two ducks looking for their food under water shows a totally different approach. Sometimes you have to get wet and stick your head into the water to see what is going on. To see if you can find what you are looking for below, even if there is no real indication visible that it is even there.

I love it when I can learn from nature. It is just that sometimes is is not very obvious at first. Luckily, by taking snapshots we can capture small segments that we can then look at later on and to our surpri…

Painting a Rubbermaid Garbage Can Lid = Mask

This is the third mask I have painted so far. For some crazy reason I could always see a face in those lids.
First MaskSecond MaskWhen I start painting the lid I have no idea how it will eventually look. It is almost as if the lid has a mind of its own.

For this mask I used paper punches for the yellow stars, the red hearts and the text swirls for the hair curls. The rest is painted with craft paint and then coated with a few coats of water based varnish.

My Mother's Day Gift Is Now A Necklace

My son and daughter-in-law gave me some beads as a mother's day gift. I was tickled pink.

After sorting through the beads and taking them of the strings they came with, I had the inspiration for this necklace with green glass beads this past weekend.

The black glass beads were also part of the gift and the silver beads came from my bead collection.

I love the way the necklace turned out. It is about 27 inches long.

Check out my market place with beadwork I have for sale

Transforming The Garden One Day At A Time

When we moved into our house in late summer of 1999 our back garden was just a hill with grass that was very difficult to mow due to the fact that it is very steep and very uneven. A weedwacker was the only tool to do the job with. The picture to the right shows the way it looked in 2001.

Then in 2004 I started working daily for an hour in the garden. I learned that I can work/transform about one square yard in an hour. So every weekday weather permitting I have been outside working as soon as the ground was workable. Some years it was in mid to late April other years I could only start in May.

Now I am down to the last part of the garden. I will show the pictures when I am done. But the hillside is done and I am so pleased the way it looks. I took the picture to the left this morning.

Yes, the area does not look the same any more for two reasons. First: in 2003 we had a hurricane come through town and it killed a lot of trees, including the beech trees on the hillside. Two: I removed al…

Is It a Spider Web or a Loom?

After reading my son's blog article titled: A World Wide Stream of Consciousness I started to think some more about this world wide web we call the Internet. I always saw it as a spider's web where we are all interconnected in a relational way not a linear way. To me it always felt like the natural way to connect and relate to others and the world around us. Now this article has just confirmed it.

Well, my mind kept on going and suddenly I remembered that in the 90s my son and I were playing this computer game called Loom by LucasFilm. I loved that game and found the idea behind it cool. Musical notes are used to weave the threads of life.

So with the Internet we have now created our own life loom that shows us how interrelated we all are just like a spider's web. So is the Internet a web or a loom? I believe it is both.

I would love to hear from you with your ideas and comments about this.

Twitter Recipes Are Cool

Recently I have come across twitter recipes, recipes written with just 140 characters. Sometimes it takes some time to understand the shorthand, but most of the time they are easy to understand.

I like cooking as long as I can make a meal in half an hour, I don't like spending a day in the kitchen to make a meal. As my mother always said you work hard in the kitchen and then in 10 minutes it is all gone. She and I do not find this a satisfying way to express our creativity. At the same time, I really enjoy cooking from scratch rather than pre-made.

Here are a few Twitter links with recipes:
CookbookTinyRecipesLucy Waverman

May7 2009 Wallpaper

A lovely sunny and warm spring walk in Point Pleasant Park turned out to be a perfect photo opportunity. I really liked the way the waves were breaking at the point of the Halifax peninsula.Wallpaper with Calendar
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