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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is It a Spider Web or a Loom?

After reading my son's blog article titled: A World Wide Stream of Consciousness I started to think some more about this world wide web we call the Internet. I always saw it as a spider's web where we are all interconnected in a relational way not a linear way. To me it always felt like the natural way to connect and relate to others and the world around us. Now this article has just confirmed it.

Well, my mind kept on going and suddenly I remembered that in the 90s my son and I were playing this computer game called Loom by LucasFilm. I loved that game and found the idea behind it cool. Musical notes are used to weave the threads of life.

So with the Internet we have now created our own life loom that shows us how interrelated we all are just like a spider's web. So is the Internet a web or a loom? I believe it is both.

I would love to hear from you with your ideas and comments about this.

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