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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bead Embroidered Turtle

Well, after making a little turtle with beads, I had to see if I could bead embroider a turtle without first drawing the design on the fabric. I decided to use a button as the center of the shell and then bead around it. I found that after I had sewed the button to the fabric that the design worked better when I glued the button down. I had found at the dollar store some plastic beads shaped like turtles and found them to be perfect to use in the shell. Hubby said that he liked the turtle without the background, but I kind of like the background the way it turned out. I had tube of mixed beads and just shook out a few and used them without rhyme or reason and am quite pleased the way it turned out.
I am still not quite sure how to finish the design. So for the time being I just wait until inspiration strikes.


Beadturtle said...

Marlies, this one is also great! I've just made one embroeidered turtle too. I'll show it soon in my blog. We can open a Turtle Club now :-)))

Unknown said...

Lol, that would be funny a Turtle Club. I am not sure what it is about turtles that is so attractive. For one thing they are quite easy to draw, bead or embroider in general.