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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Growing up in Switzerland I had never heard of Remembrance Day. Yes, Switzerland is a neutral country, but during both wars there were soldiers guarding the borders and my dad was one of the soldiers in active duty. In our cutlery drawer was a silver coffee spoon that said Soldier's Christmas 1940 and it was my dad's.

The other connotation of November 11 for me is the beginning of the Carnival season in Europe. It starts at 11:11 am on the November 11.

So my first November 11 in Canada, I was introduced the concept of Remembrance Day and to my surprise it uses the same times and dates the carnival season.

I took this picture yesterday morning on my walk. I know it is not of poppies, but the red maple leaves still on that one tiny tree are my interpretation of Remembrance Day in Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Here in the UK everything used to stop at 11 o clock, since the 1980's that has become less common, but I glad to say that recently the day is taken seriously by more and more people.

Unknown said...

Thank you Tim for your information from England.