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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Mentally Deal With "Evil" People?

My colored diagram of the 2007 Stantonbury Hill Crop Circle
At yesterday's weekly EFT get together a discussion ensued on how to handle "evil" people.

I am currently reading the book "Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It is his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. Imagine my surprise when today's verse offered the answer.
I found it in the 62nd verse. Here are the parts just literally jumped out at me.

"Where you perceive negativity, alter your view to see pure love and kindness that's mistakenly being directed to seek a sacred place in the material world."

"Practice forgiving, and avoiding judgment, when you see reprehensible or evil-minded ways."

"Take Lao-tzu up on his advice for dealing with those who appear to be wicked people by mentally separating the individuals from their toxic behavior. Remember that they are Divine creations of the Tao who simply believe that ego should control life. In your thoughts, erase the vileness, the wrongdoing, and the addictive or harmful actions; and allow those folks to just be there apart from their malevolent behavior. See the unfolding of the Tao in them, and picture them as innocent children who are overstimulated by ego's temporary stronghold. In your mind, forgive the evil conduct and make every effort to wrap loving arms around the children you see before you."

"Lao-tzu urges you to treat yourself in a similar manner: Cast out any behavior you dislike about yourself, allow your pain to be felt and absolve yourself. With these behaviors removed, visualize bracing yourself, and notice the radiant being of light who is yourself in your imagination. Practice elevating yourself by doling out kindness to others as well as yourself. This is the remedy for all evil."

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