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Touque Season Is Just Around The Corner

Until I came to Canada I had no idea what a touque/toque was or had even heard the word. It seems it is a typical Canadian expression that came to English from French. Now what on earth is a touque? A touque is a knitted winter hat. My husband always uses this term instead of hat and it still sounds funny to me after 35 years.

Well, hubby put on his touque today for our walk around the lake as it had gotten chilly and a strong North wind was blowing. So him using this strange word gave me the idea for this blog post. In case you are wondering, no I haven't dug out my touque yet.

The Urban Dictionary has a couple of definitions for touque:
  • A Canadian must have.
    Ok eh! Like it was so cold that we had to wear touques eh!
  • Every time someone says toboggan, I remind them that a toboggan is what you ride down a hill on, a touque is what you wear.
The WordWeb Online gives this defintion for touque:
  • A kind of warm cap winter wear, usually made from a knit bag with closed tapered ends by pushing one end within the other, thus making a conical cap of double thickness
Then I found a totally different definition from the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, where they won't need a hat for sure:
  • two units of capacity
    • a unit of dry capacity, approximately 22 liters
    • a unit of liquid capacity, approximately 18 liters.


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Sleep Tip from the Mentalist TV Show

I like watching the Mentalist TV show and yesterday I got finally around to watch my latest recorded show. To my delight and surprise Patrick Jane's character gave this tip to help you fall asleep:

If you have falling asleep you can count sheep or on your in-breath say or think 1 and then when you breath out say or think 2. On your next in-breath say or think 1 and when you breath out say or think 2. Keep on repeating this and you will be surprised that when you wake up it is morning.

Give it a try and then connect with me on Facebook and let me know what happened . . .

How to Make Simple Square Foot Gardening Templates

I am just about ready to start planting my square foot garden. Until now I have used string and sticks to mark things, but then I got an idea of how I could easily make some templates from old plastic election signs. The material was easy to cut with a knife and a permanent marker would help with the design.

At first I thought that I would need a whole bunch of templates, but as I got going I realized that I could actually get away with only 2 templates.

First cut 2 12x12 inch pieces from the plastic signsDraw a grid: template 1: 3 rows and 3 columnstemplate 2: 4 rows and 4 columnsMark the center of each square of the grid by drawing diagonal linesUse the electric drill and a ½" drill bit and drill a hole at each center point.

Template 1

Grid of 3 row and 3 columns (9 plants - holes circled in blue)This can also be used for 1 plant per square foot (hole circled in black and then blue)

Template 2 This one is truly a multi-use templateGrid 4 rows and 4 columns (16 plants - holes circle…

Companion Planting Chart

Have you ever heard of companion planting? Wikipedia explains it very nicely:
Companion planting is the planting of different crops in proximity (in gardening and agriculture), on the theory that they assist each other in nutrient uptake, pest control, pollination, and other factors necessary to increasing crop productivity. Companion planting is a form of polyculture.

Companion planting is used by farmers and gardeners in both industrialized and developing countries for many reasons. Many of the modern principles of companion planting were present many centuries ago in cottage gardens in England and home gardens in Asia.
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Let me know if you found this information helpful and write a comment.