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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fruit & Berries In My Neighbourhood

Where has the time gone? On my walks in my neighbourhood I am amazed at the variety of fruit and berries that grow here in Nova Scotia. There are wild one and cultivated ones.

This year the rain and sun combination was just perfect and everything is just so lush.

These rosehip are just so big and inviting. Growing up in Switzerland I used to love to have rosehip jam on my bread. I can't describe the taste. It is not very well knows in North America.
Bavarian Rosehip Jam (12 ounce) by

ornamental red currents
Next I came across an ornamental hedge and to my delight discovered that they were red currents. They are cousins to black currents. My parents had red and black current bushes in our garden and it was my chore to go pick them. Black currents are very strong tasting while red currents look like tiny bunches of red grapes and have a much milder taste.
Pioneer Valley Gourmet Red Currant Jelly

wild blackberries
The wild blackberries are only just starting to be ready for picking. They are free and organic and very yummy. When I got married in 1975 blackberries were only ripe in September here in the Canadian Maritimes. This year hubby found the first ripe blackberries at the end of July. On the street where I live about 100 m higher in elevation the season started last Wednesday, August 11/2010 and it is is not in full swing yet.
Success with Soft fruits

mountain ash berries
The neighbouring street is called Mountain Ash Court. The mountain ash tree is found all over the neighbourhood. I often find little tress that have started from seed the birds have dropped. It is a lovely tree whose berries turn bright red when ripe. The ones in the picture are just starting to ripen.
The Genus Sorbus: Mountain Ash and Other Rowans

All the photos were taken during the month of August 2010 by me.
Digital Photography For Dummies

I would like to know if you go wild berry picking in your neighbourhood? I think it is such a great teaching experience for parents.

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