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Friday, September 5, 2008

Beaded Keys

After experimenting with beading wooden beads and plastic tubes I remembered that I had a container full of old keys that I just could not throw out, but never quite knew how to use. Well, that day has arrived and I had my bright idea that I might cover the key with beads and make a pendant.

The orange key to the right is my first attempt and remains still unfinished. I had to figure out how to start the beadwork and what kind of stitch to use.

Then I found this old car key in the mix of keys and realized that it is thicker than house keys and used small tube beads for the edge and bright red seed beads for the outline and larger seed beads for the center. I call it the 'heart key'.

The latest beaded key is my 'dancing key'. I covered the key with green seed beads and wasn't too impressed with it. Then after looking through my beads I came across a tube of assorted beige beads that would look wonderful as a fringe. But how to attach the fringe? So I circled the key body with some purple seed beads and attached the fringe to them. To attach the pendant to a necklace I beaded a hanger with the same purple seed beads. I really like the look of it.

The key pendants are for sale. If you are interested email me.

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