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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - The year of the phoenix?

Over that last few days I have been coming across all kinds of articles about what 2009 will have in store for us. Listening to the media one would think that 2009 will be a terrible year, but then again I don't follow the media too closely any more. I have stopped watching the news on TV as it is only government propaganda. The news we are presented with is what "they" want us to hear and that is not necessarily what is truly happening.

On Friday my son wrote a blog article he titled "fear, uncertainty and doubt in 2009", then today I came across an article called "post-apocalyptic utopia". Both articles state that all this turmoil and upheaval might not be all bad, but offer us an opportunity to make changes that otherwise we would not have made. Sometimes we know that we have to make changes, but just don't want to. Then the universe makes us an offer we can't refuse and we have to make the changes anyways.

I believe that by year's end we will look back with wonder on the changes and positive events that have happened. Out of the ashes of the old a phoenix will have risen.

So I am looking forward to the year 2009 as an exciting adventure.

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