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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reading Online or Printed Version?

Yesterday, I heard about a new newspaper for Chicago that will reprint blogs and that got me thinking about reading the printed version of text versus reading it online.

My preference is to read information that I need to study in print and keep the online version for quick reference. I love to eat my breakfast while reading the newspaper. It is a comfortable early morning habit that gets me ready for the day. I don't watch any TV news. The reason for that is, that I consider it government/corporation propaganda. They show us the news they decide is newsworthy. So reading the news in the newspaper lets me easily scan over the headlines and then choose and pick the articles I want to read and learn more about.

my pdf print bookI also like ebooks and find PDF books quite handy. I sometimes read them online, but the ones I want to study more thoroughly and highlight sections that grab my attention, I print out and bind in book form, usually 2 pages per print page and I print on both sides of the paper. If in the future the I don't want the information any longer, I can always take the book apart again and recycle the paper.

I am really curious if I am the exception or if there are others who think like me? I would love the get your feedback.

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