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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can Biorhythms Help Predict the Winner of the Augusta Masters?

Recently I have become more interested in sports from the energy psychology angle and that combined with my lifelong interest in biorhythms leads me to conduct an experiment, now that the 2010 Augusta Masters Golf Tournament is on, to see if I can predict the winner based on his biorhythms.

To start with I went to look up the birth dates of the players and then checked their biorhythms.
  • Tiger Woods - 12/30/1975 - 2005, 2002, 2001 winner
  • Chad Campbell - 5/31/1974 - 2009 winner
  • Trevor Immelman - 12/16/1979 - 2008 winner
  • Zach Johnson - 2/24/1976 - 2007 winner
  • Phil Mickelson -6/16/1970 - 2006 winner

Biorhythms for April 8/2010
Tiger Woods71%99%93%73%68
Chad Campbell1%81%9%13%79
Trevor Immelman81%90%54% c91%69
Zach Johnson71%6%12%34%70
Phil Mickelson95%98%12%8%67
c=critical day

Let's see how the day plays out.

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