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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cloud Computing

I don't know how many of my readers have heard of cloud computing. The only reason I am somewhat familiar with it is because my son is the inventor of "elastic Computing" and the founder of I occasionally work with him, creating the demonstration videos and tutorials. I am fast learning more and more.

So what is cloud computing? "Cloud Computing provides the necessary compute infrastructure for tomorrow's computing needs."(*1) Computing will and is already moving away from being solely desktop based. The Internet will become the operating system. If you have a Google gmail account, you automatically also have access to a whole host of other services that until now you had to go out and buy a program for. This is no longer necessary and here is where cloud computing comes in. It is the new backbone, the support that provides the infrastructure for our computing needs without the need to have to purchase more and faster physical computers. Virtual machines can be created on a per need basis. Just like a movie is made by hiring the people for only the time it takes to create that movie, virtual computers will be available to be purchased for the duration of the need. This is the direction of the evolution of computing.

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