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Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Icon to Beaded Design

What do you do when you are computer geek and a crafter at the same time, and are looking for a unique pattern? You figure out a way to combine both. This is what I did this weekend.

I have been collecting icons and then it hit me that they would be the ideal way to get unusual patterns. Most of them are already small and quite pixelated. I found this Firefox icon on the left here and that gave me the idea. It still had too many colors, but by putting a grid over the design and then coloring in the grid in Photoshop I got a workable pattern.

The result is the beaded Firefox on the right. It is worked in my version of the square stitch. I add 2 beads at a time, go back one bead, go back through the second of the beads I added and repeat. It looks ok, but something is not quite right. It was supposed to be square, but it is not.

So I measured the finished design. It is under 2 inches wide and it 3 inches tall and realized that the the width/length ratio was 1:1.39. Back to photoshop, I kept the original picture, but created a new grid with the proper dimensions. Next I reduced the original picture to about 12 colors, now I colored all the squares, each color in its own layer. Once I was happy with it, I merged the colored in layers and doubled it in size. It was easier to work with a small design, but I needed to print it out bigger so that I could count the beads more easily. That's the pattern I used on the right and below is the finished product. It is now around 2 inches square and I am satisfied.

If you are interested in my creations, I am happy to sell them. Just email me.

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