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I don't own an Ipod or Mp3 player, never felt the need for one, but I do listen to the radio, Internet radio that is, while I am working. For the last 10 years I have been listening to Hawaiian music online. It started one November day when the local radio stations started to play their Christmas music way to early for my liking. So I went on a search to find music that would be calming and not distracting while working on the computer. One thing lead to another and I discovered Hawaiian radio stations. As I didn't understand a word of Hawaiian I didn't pay attention to the lyrics of the songs and the English songs just kind of where background music.

I started with Hawaiian Hits Live, the Voice of Hawaii Unfortunately, the station shut down on January 1/2008 due to the changes with broadcasting music and payments. They just could not afford it any longer. The other station I often listen to, even now, is Hawaiian Rainbow. But my main station that I listen to for the last couple of years is KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio.
With the time difference from Nova Scotia to Hawaii, 6 hours in winter and 7 in summer as Hawaii does not change their clocks, that means I get most of their overnight programming of uninterrupted Hawaiian music. Then, when their daytime programming starts there are interesting shows where I learn a lot about Kaua'i, the garden island, and Hawaii in general. The people who live on Kaua'i are very proud of their island and very protective of it. They stopped the superferry from coming because their was no environmental impact study done. The daily surf report is important for locals and visitors alike as the waters can be dangerous. Hawaii consists of volcanic islands that rise up steeply from the ocean floor and that can create dangerous undertows. Thanks to the internet radio I can visit Hawaii virtually any time I want to, even though I can't go there physically.

After listening to Hawaiian radio for such a long time, to my surprise I have started to pick up the odd Hawaiian word here and there. I have also discovered that I prefer certain groups and singers to others. One who stands out especially is Israel Kamakawiwo'ole or Bruddah Iz how he is loving called by his fans. He was a gentle giant who died too young and left a legacy of a number of wonderful songs. It always surprises me to have such a voice in a body his size. His rendition of 'Somewhere over the rainbow' that has been used in movies.

Mahalo for listening to my ramblings.


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