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Monday, June 16, 2008

'Dappled Air' Is Born

After 10 years with a website, I have taken the leap to becoming a blogger. My Marlies' Creative Universe website is a hodgepodge of all my interests and I regularly post new information on it, but I never really used it as a blog. Today, I decided that I could also benefit from having a blog, so that I can write about my interests and not just add a note when I have updated my site.

Today my attention is drawn to the new crop circles that are showing up world wide. In England it was a slow start, but by June the pace has considerably picked up. World wide there have been a number of really cool crop circles and now the British one are following the same trend. I use the Crop Circle Connector Website to see when there are new crop circles.

Looking through my harddrive I see that I have been drawn to crop circles for a long, long time and over the years have occasionally colored the black and white crop circle diagrams. Then last year it turned into a compulsion and this year is no different. I have already colored more than 10 crop circles. When I open a diagram in Photoshop I have no idea how I am going to color the design. Sometimes I have to recreate the diagram when I enlarge it to get sharp lines and then the process takes on a life of its own. Sometimes it flows easily and other times I have a hard time getting into the flow. My latest coloring is the cool crop circle from June 3/2008 in South Korea.

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Unknown said...

You rock, I'm going to make sure to include Dappled Air in my list of must read RSS feeds!