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Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is Mind Mapping?

Looking through my download file I saw a free program that I had downloaded recently but not yet installed call FreeMind. I vaguely remember that it can be used to create to do lists and brainstorming. After installing the program I had to figure out how to use it and that sent me on an interesting voyage of discovery. There are a number of YouTube videos with tutorials and explanations. The program is Java based and can be used in any OS.

Family Tree Mind MapFamily Tree created with FreeMind Program

The first thing I learned is that mind mapping is a great tool for visual learners. I have discovered a long time ago that we don't do and see things in a linear way, but in a relational way of circles that are overlapping. Reading the information about mind mapping just confirmed my observation. In one video mind mapping was explained like this: "a mind map is the swiss army knife of the brain."

After creating my first simple map in FreeMind, my family tree, I will have to study the use of the program further and play around with the possibilities. For a free program it works great and has a lot of potential.

Short List of Sites I have discovered:
Sites for Online Mind Mapping
I would love to get some feedback about what programs you are using and your recommendations.


stephen said...

I have multiple mind mapping tools. What I use most is XMind, an award product, which has Open Source version and Commercial version. What I use is the Open Source version.I can use their free online service to upload and share my mind maps online with the world.

:: MARLIES COHEN :: said...

Thank you Stephen. A quick look tells me that is going to be great.